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Apartments Reservation system

Our apartments reservation system is an ASP online booking solution working with apartments, Bed and breakfasts, residences, villas and quite any type of accommodation.
This is for a Apartments group or booking agent. It allows you to create an online reservation system for multiple properties within a single web site. There is no limit to the number of properties you can include within the site. This script doesn't have an online availability checker is using "On Request" formula. The client search for an apartment using the existing criteria and when decide submit the request.You and the apartment owner will get an email alert with the request reference n. You could see all the details of the request from your administration the apartment owner NO. He could see all the details excluding Client Contact Details. In this moment the apartment owner is forced to take a decision : 1. Accept the booking 2. Deny the booking 1. Accept the booking: The apartment owner need to add a price for the FULL STAY and press I Accept this Booking. In this moment the client will receive an email (With the sum inserted by the apartment owner + your commision default 10%) as the apartment owner accepted the booking and he need to fill out a form with his credit card details in order to confirm the booking. 2. Deny Booking: The apartment owner deny the booking and the client receive the automatic message with the reason why the booking is denied. (no availability, too short period...) For the moment the script without installation and customisation to match your design or your payment gateway cost USD 250 and you could purchase it on the purchase page.
We also offer you a Full solution at key (Design , hosting , script installation and customization , domain registration, content management editor for a good price.)


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