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Hotel Reservation System 1 Property (HRS1):

Real-time Reservations for Your Existing Web site, Work with Hotels , Hostels , bed and breakfast , apartments, guesthouses...More

Hotel Reservation System unlimited hotels(HRSPortal):

You could add unlimited properties iin order to create a travel real time booking portal.(we work to develop new version of this script that will be released in July-August 2010)...More

Apartment Rental Script:

On Request Reservations for Your Existing Web site, Work with Hotels , Hostels , bed and breakfast , apartments, guesthouses, you could add unlimited properties...More

Tour Booking Script:

This ASP script is a little application to help you displaying in real time tours packages on your website. It comes with an back end  administration  where you could add edit update and manage your tour bookings. This come handy if you are a travel website and you  make an  affiliation with a tours company. If you are interested please contact us to request a demo. We could customize this  application  depending by your tour company or your needs. Still in development and open for sugesstions.

Shuttle Script:

This script is still in development if you are interested please contact us and we will provide you with screenshots and a litlle demo.
 Bassically if you own a shuttle bussiness we could integrate this application in your actual website and the clients will have a form  where they could place a booking and then the script will automate the emails will generate a voucher and you'll have a nice clean  administration area where to manage your existing bookings.

Reciprocal Link Exchange Scriptt:

Our reciprocal link exchange script is a professional database driven category and link indexing directory with an automatic reciprocal  link checker. Feature rich Links Lite amongst other things new link notification, admin approval, and allows admin to easily send email to  the webmasters who removed your link. Links are organized by category making for easy management and easy visitor navigation. Links  Lite can hold as many categories and links as you like. This software helps you to manage you links in easy way. You can easily use this  software to exchange links. Software comes with full fledge admin panel...More


A little about us

We're not just technologists, we work in partnership with our clients and resellers offering expert advice across strategy, planning, creative design, and marketing. Our product range has been developed to work hand-in-hand with a clients existing business and can be delivered on any level that our customers choose.